Designated Reuse Bins

Project Leads: Tasha Dowdakin, Dan Clipson

Sponsor: Moving Services

TGIF Mini-Grant: $1,966.56

Project Theme: Waste Reduction

Project Location

2013 Application Submission

Status: Complete

Project Description: During large moves departments often leave behind large quantities of reusable office supplies, such as binders, paper clips, reams of paper, pens, and staplers. These items get mixed in with trash and debris and are then thrown into the landfill dumpsters. To solve this problem, the project will purchase six industrial bins on wheels. The reuse bins will be managed by Moving Services, a unit of Property Management, during the office relocations. The bins will be a distinct color, such as bright yellow or orange, to distinguish them from other bins on campus. The bins will be clearly marked as accepting reusable supplies only.


  1. Prevent reusable items from entering the landfill during office relocations by providing special reuse bins at the move site.
  2. Educate the campus community on the value of reuse and the role people can play in preventing waste. 

2014 Progress: 

  • Purchased 6 rolling bins for departments to put their reusable office supplies in prior to moves, so supplies would not be thrown away into the landfill
  • Used the bins at UC’s salvage operations and for several large moves, including: Kroeber Hall weeklong salvage and trash clear out in April  -  8 bin loads, Institute of East Asian Studies move from 2223 Fulton to 1995 University Ave. -  in July - 12 bin loads
  • Currently being used for the Astronomy move from HFA to the new Campbell move at the end of September
  • The bins are used on the Excess and Surplus dock in Richmond to sort supplies from trash that arrives in larger tubs and in boxes.
  • The 20 bin loads from Kroeber and 2223 Fulton saved approx. 16 cubic yards from the waste stream and provided schools with needed supplies

Timeline Progress and Next Steps: 

  • Keep offering the bins to departments doing large moves
  • Have permanent signs put on the bins

2015 Poster

Final Report

Mission Statement

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