Projects by Status

Project leaders report on their progress throughout project implementation. You can follow projects' progress by visiting their individual project pages under "Funded Projects", by reading the the TGIF Annual Reports, or by visiting the TGIF Overview & Metrics page. Read on to see which  TGIF funded projects are currently in progress and which have been completed.

In Progress Projects (as of January 2016)


Anaerobic Digester Project Nature Village, Phase II
ASUC Green Certification Program Ohlone Ethnobotany Garden (MG)
Berkeley Art Studio Clay Recycling Project Oxford Tract Community Farm Air Quality Research
Berkeley Parklets, Bike Corrals, and Art Lots Pedaling Towards Zero Waste
Bicycle Parking Improvement Project 2015 Russell Tree Farm Restoration
Blake Garden Adaptive Restoration Project
SERC Mobile Platform
Bulk Bin Project Soil Remediation Education 
Cal CAP 2.0 Internships Solar Powering Cal
CalSoChill Prototype Solar Powering Sigma Chi
Campus Tree Inventory South Hall Energy Efficiency
Coastal Prairie Restoration and Commemoration (MG)
Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project 
Dual Flush in Cooperatives Strawberry Creek Ecological Stabilization Project, Phase II
Expanding Zero Waste in Residence Halls Strawberry Creek Planting Resilience Project
Fight the Flow, Phase II Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program
Fitting Plant to Place: Site-Specific Restoration
Planning on Strawberry Creek
Student Environmental Training Program
Forest Power Sustainability in the Cal Greeks Community
Green Hand Dryers Sustainable Algae Bioreactor
Green Lab Supplies and Equipment Award Program Sustainable Food Stand
Greener UC Berkeley Fleet

Sustainable Laundry at University Village
Healthy Bears Take the Stairs Telegraph Green: Phase II- The Next Least Generation
Hearst North Field Soil Restoration Tiny House in My Backyard (THIMBY)
High Efficiency Hand Dryers in Barrows Hall WattTime
Learning and LEEDing WattTime: GHG Reductions From Campus Facilities
Max-R Bins  

Completed Projects (By Year of Completion as of June 30th)


Blake Garden ADA Path with California Native Garden and Viewshed (MG) Minimizing Hazardous Waste Through Chemical Exchange
BSFC Operational Sustainability Intern (MG) Multi-Family Housing Sustainability Retrofit Documentation (MG)
BSFC Produce Refrigerator (MG-LOAN) Recycling at Cal
Bring Your Own Mug (BYOM) Recycling on Campus Tennis Courts
  Refills Not Landfills
Campus Bike Plan Status Update (MG) Restorative Ecology Training Program
CITRIS Sustainability Champion Awards for Undergraduates SPROUTS
College of Chemistry Chemical Reuse Facility Expansion (MG) Student Organic Garden Education Fund (MG)
Compost Alliance: Institutionalizing In-House Composting Sustainable Concrete Canoe
Community: A Garden Project (MG) Sustainable Water Infrastructure Campus Tours (MG)
Cool Towers Telegraph Green: The Next Least Generation 
Designated Reuse Bins (MG) Trash to Treasure (MG)
Getting to Zero Waste: Waste Audits Waste Not, Want Not: Zero Waste Events
Install Recycling Bins at Clark Kerr Dorm Rooms (MG) Water Conservation in the Greek Community
LED Lighting Retrofit – C.V. Starr East Asian Library (MG) Zero Waste Research Center & Plastic Disclosure Project
Local Composting Efforts at Pike (MG)  


Berkeley Student Food Collective Sustainable Business and Development Internship Program Green Garden Program Intern
Campus Sustainability Photos and Video for
UC Berkeley's Public Affairs Digital Gallery (MG)
Retrofitting the RSF into a Human Powered Gym
Fostering Community: Clark Kerr Lawns to Meadows (MG) - Discontinued Stop Waste in Sororities (MG)
Wurster Hall Waste Management

Air Handling Unit Transmitters Greening the Berkeley Science Review
Berkeley Student Food Collective Food Prep Expansion Greening the Berkeley Science Review: Phase II (MG)
Break the Mode Installation of Bottle Refill Stations and Bottle Refill Retrofits
Break the Mode Part II (MG) Lawns to Meadows
Cal Dining Sustainability Team Low Water Irrigation
Cal Habitat Restoration Student Leadership Training Nature Village: Sustainable Family Living
Composting at Blake Garden (MG) Strawberry Creek Planting (Filling the Weed-Shaped Hole)
Custodial Communications - Discontinued Strawberry Creek Restoration Demonstration
Earth Week 2013 * Strawberry Creek Water Quality Probe (MG)
EcoMovie Nights Student Environmental Resource Center
Food Day 2012 Talking Louder About Sustainability- Next Generation
Green Cup Competition: Round 2 * Teaching, Learning, and Change
*Green Cup Competition: Round 2 and Earth Week 2013 are not considered their own separate projects but phases of the original projects, 2011 funded "Green Cup Competition" and 2008 funded "Earth Week". These two original projects are now considered completed and are factored into the total "completed projects" numbers.


Campus Bicycle Initiative Mercury Vapor Detection Equipment
Compost Alliance: Phase I Strawberry Creek Native Plant Nursery & Garden
Earth Week 2012 Sustainability Map Project
End the Cycle UC Berkeley 2011 Energy Symposium
Fight the Flow UC Berkeley Campus Dashboard
Green Cup Competition: Round 1 University Hall: Going Green! LEED Certification
Greening Kroeber Art Studios and Bathrooms Waste Reduction in the Cal Greek Community
Installation of Bottle Refill Stations Wurster Hall Sub-metering

Berkeley Student Food Collective Storefront Mobilizing Sustainability at 
Berkeley-The Greening Operations (GO!) Team
BicyCAL Reduction in Chemical Use at UC Botanical Garden
Custodial Staff Outreach Talking Louder About Campus Sustainability
Earth Week 2011 Water Metering and Conservation
Bottle Refill Station Installation and Design Guidelines for Existing Buildings Water Metering and Sub-Metering of UC Campus Buildings
I Heart Tap Water Better Bin- Discontinued

2010 Bike to Work Day Regional Sponsorship No More Down the Drain
CLAS Carbon Smart and LEED-EB Certification Project Anthony Hall Window Replacement and LEED-EB Certification 
Earth Week 2010 Wurster Hall Composting Project- Discontinued

Building Sustainability at Cal
Earth Week 2009
Healthy You for a Healthy Universe
Lower Sproul Plaza Redevelopment 
Student Internships for Jump-Starting the Office of Sustainability

Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.