Low Water Irrigation, Phase II

Project Leads: Megan Maurino, Gary Imazumi, Sara Shirazi

Sponsor: Physical Plant-Campus Services

TGIF Grant: $11,378

Project Theme: Water Conservation & Efficiency

Project Location

2014 Application Submission

Status: Complete

Project Description: The Low Water Irrigation Project will install five new weather stations on campus and will hire a student intern for monitoring and analysis. The weather stations will collect local weather (microclimate) information, recording temperature, humidity, wind, and solar data and adjust irrigation percentages against the base line.

Currently, UC Berkeley’s irrigation system uses 48,685,824gal/year which is 12.2% of the total water used on campus. This is by far the single largest consumer of water on campus, and can be centrally-managed. In effort to conserve water due to the current drought and the UC goal of reducing water consumption by 20% in 2020, the Physical Plant & Campus Services (PPCS), Grounds Services, student interns, and the Campus Landscape Architect plan to complete a project that converts the current irrigation system to more water-efficient technology.


  1. Install five weather stations in 5 unique microclimates around campus.
  2. Reduce the water used for campus irrigation in 2013 by 20%.
  3. Hire Student Intern to provide part-time job for one year and to foster irrigation field work experience and analysis of water savings.
  4. Create integrative project team of staff and students.
  5. Inspire water conservation institutionally.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Hiring of student intern, Megan Maurino. 
  • Purchase of project equipment, including a Weather Station, Weather Station Console, Weatherproof Enclosure for Console, and ARAD Hydrometers. 
  • Successful installation of 5 new weatherstations.
2015 Accomplishments
  • All controllers dictating water flow and communicating with the central computer are now connected to a weather station.
  • Computer system's software updated to a new server, providing it more modern capabilities.
  • Abstract submitted to the American Water Works Association Regional June Conference in Anaheim, CA for publicity and chance for project leader Megan to be sent free of charge to the Conference.

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2015 Poster

Final Report

Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.