Cal Dining Rentable Reusables

Project Leads:  Aubrey Hills & Kristin Wang

Sponsor: Cal Dining

TGIF Grant: $4,561.00

Project Theme: Waste Diversion & Reduction

Project Location

2018 Application Submission

Status: In Progress

Project Description: The Rentable Reusables program is an effort made with the help of Cal Dining and the ASUC to make affordable reusable dining materials available to all student groups, regardless of size. This is an attempt to eliminate both landfill and compost waste across campus, to therefore to reduce the energy inputs necessary for disposables, and the greenhouse gases that occur as a result of single-use plastics, paper, and compostable plastics. A main goal for this program is to remain accessible to every single student organization by remaining affordable; by doing so, the Rentable Reusables program attempts to encourage a Zero Waste culture throughout campus, thereby contributing the campus' goal of zero waste by 2020, and helping to deconstruct the idea that "zero waste" practices are reserved to a certain demographic.


  • The goals for this project are to significantly reduce the amount of single-use plastics, paper, and compostable plastics on campus from both small and large student organizations, and to encourage students to consider the different ways by which they can contribute to the campus' goal of Zero Waste by 2020. 

Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.