Water Efficiency and the Goldman School of Public Policy

Project Lead: Whitney Ramos & Lindsay Maple
Sponsor: Goldman School of Public Policy
TGIF Grant: $11,200
Project Theme: Water Conservation
Project Location: Goldman School of Public Policy
Status: In Progress
Project Description: The Water Efficiency and the Goldman School of Public Policy (GSPP) project will enable GSPP to save water, reduce waste, lower its water bill, and be recognized as a “Water Smart Business.” With an accompanying education component to encourage students to be conscious of resource use and keep their reusable water bottles, this project will increase water efficiency and conservation through the replacement of an aged fountain with a water bottle filling station, installation of waterless urinals, hosting educational student events, and achieving recognition through certification by East Bay Municipal Utilities District as a “Water Smart Business.”Goals: The goal of this project is to reduce post-consumer landfill waste at UC Berkeley by getting rid of individually wrapped snacks in order to reach UC Berkeley's goal of Zero Waste by 2020. They hope that in the implementation of this project, students will understand the environmental implications of their daily consumption habits and thus begin to use reusables in their daily lives outside of Cal Dining. Finally, they want to examine the financial aspects of the project by following sales reports to see what bulk items sell the best and worst, to continue improving this project so that it can be expanded all over campus. 
Goals: Increase sustainability awareness, particularly around water efficiency and waste education, among students, staff, faculty, and visitors on the Goldman campus; reduce Goldman School of Public Policy water use and resource footprint; become the first UC Berkeley School to be Water Smart Business Certified.

Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.