2012 Grant Awards

Download a copy of the original May 8th announcement here.


Project Name Project Description TGIF Award
Berkeley Student Food Collective Food Prep Expansion This grant will be used by the BSFC expand its in-house food prep as a part of its larger mission to increase sustainable food accessibility to the Berkeley campus and community. $2,560
Break the Mode- Alternative Transport Marketing & Outreach Program Funding will be used four student interns charged with conducting a transportation survey assisting commuters with switching to alternate modes of transportation. $7,000
Cal Dining Sustainability Team This grant will fund four sustainability interns to 1. Audit Cal Dining’s operations for consistent application of green standards; 2. Measure the environmental impact of Cal Dining operations, identify benchmarks, and implement programs to reach the benchmarks; 3. Increase sustainability awareness amongst the Cal community. $8,243
CITRIS Sustainability Champion Awards for Undergraduates This grant will fund five student internships. Interns will be mentored by graduate students and partnered with environmentally-related companies to complete hybrid research-job training internships. $20,060
Compost Alliance: Institutionalizing In-House Composting The grant will assist Compost Alliance in continuing compost implementation within campus buildings in order to reach “critical mass” and work with campus officials to institutionalize composting as an in-house operation. $40,270
EcoMovie Nights This grant will fund a monthly environmental documentary series that engages, educates, and inspires the Cal community to get involved with environmental campaigns. Films will be selected based on a monthly theme and followed by theme-centered discussion, facilitated by experts or related student groups. $2,420
Food Day 2012 This grant will fund a student intern and materials for Food Day 2012. The intern will work with campus eateries and student groups on continuing Food Day ideals year-round in collaboration with the Nutrition & Physical Activity Workgroup and Sustainable Food Service Workgroup. $3,875

Getting to Zero Waste: Waste Audits

Funding will allow CRRS to standardize and perform week-long waste audits in collaboration with student interns, providing needed metrics for UC Berkeley's zero waste plans. $17,424
Green Garden Program Intern This grant will fund a student intern to take a lead in the Integrated Pest Management program and to work with horticultural staff and the compost tea intern to refine and define UCBG’s organic fertility regimens. $3,840
Greening the Berkeley Science Review This grant will cover the difference in costs for the BSR to print on 55% recycled-content paper, purchase carbon offsets to cover delivery costs of the BSR, and fund a workshop to share green printing practices with the other 40+ ASUC publications. $1,152

Installation of Bottle Refill Stations 2012

Funding will be used to install three bottle refill stations and sixteen bottle filler retrofits. $25,000
Learning and LEEDing at Cal This grant will fund three student interns and the expansion of the BS@C LEED Intern Program to offer project LEED certification services for campus renovation projects currently below the threshold required by the campus Policy on Sustainable Practices. $14,800
Minimizing Hazardous Waste Through Chemical Exchange This grant will fund a student intern charged with creating an online chemical exchange program to reduce the quantity of chemicals purchased by UC Berkeley, reduce the amount of hazardous materials in storage, and reduce hazardous waste disposal and associated costs. $4,200

Nature Village Sustainable Family Living, Phase I

This grant will fund supplies and student internships to create waste, energy & water, and education & outreach programs at University Village, to promote sustainability and resource conservation amongst the residents. $16,861
Recycling on Campus Tennis Courts Funding will allow for the purchase of recycling bins for 21 campus tennis courts and the implementation of education, outreach, and donation programs for recycling and reuse of tennis equipment. $1,386
Strawberry Creek Planting (Filling the Weed Shaped Hole) This grant will fund five student internships and the supplies needed for identifying and planting native species that can resist re-invasion by ivy and still realize the other essential ecosystem services desired by the campus community. $16,232
Strawberry Creek Watershed Stewardship Program Funding will expand Strawberry Creek Student Restoration Leadership Program, which will incorporate environmental education outreach, student/community member skill development, and water quality monitoring to prevent pollution of Strawberry Creek and foster environmental stewardship. $18,082
Student Environmental Resource Center This grant will initiate the establishment of a permanent Student Environmental Resource Center by funding five implementation & planning interns and a workshop for setting objectives and plans. $12,000
Waste Not, Want Not: Zero Waste Events This grant increase campus efforts to hold zero waste events by supporting Cal Dining, hiring a student intern, funding medium-sized zero waste campus events, and collaborating with the Office of Sustainability’s Green Event Certification. $6,475
Water Conservation in the Cal Greeks Community This grant will fund a water conservation competition amongst the fraternities and sororities, the installation of water conservation retrofits & appliances, and an education & outreach program. $29,250
Wurster Hall Waste Management Funding will be used to pilot an indoor recycling program with standardized bins, signage, and education to then be implemented campus-wide, pending results. $38,400
Zero Waste Research Center & Plastic Disclosure Project This grant will fund five student interns charged with running a Zero Waste Research Center and Plastic Disclosure Project to address the issues surrounding upstream waste that currently prevent UC Berkeley from attaining its zero waste goal. $19,100
  TOTAL $308,630


Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.