Berkeley Student Food Collective Fresh Produce Refrigerator

Project Leads: Elizabeth Vidar

Sponsor: Berkeley Student Food Collective

TGIF Mini-Grant: $2,000

Project Theme: Food Justice and Sustainability

Project Location

2013 Application Submission

Status: Complete

Project Description: The BSFC's current produce refrigerator is not conducive to the conditions in which fresh produce thrives. The refrigerator is closed, leaving produce out of clear view of customers, and does not have a humidifying system to meet the needs of fresh produce. As of now the BSFC wastes approximately $160 a week throwing away wilted produce from the store. This proposal requests a $2,000 loan to contribute to the purchase of a 6-foot self-contained open product produce refrigerator.


  1. Allow the store to bring in a higher volume of local produce.
  2. Reduce waste caused by the wilting, and in turn disposing, of produce. 

Final Report

Mission Statement

The Green Initiative Fund (TGIF) provides funding for projects that reduce UC Berkeley's negative impact on the environment and make UC Berkeley more sustainable. TGIF will allocate funds to projects that promote sustainable modes of transportation, increase energy and water efficiency, restore habitat, promote environmental and food justice, and reduce the amount of waste created by UC Berkeley. Portions of the fund also support education and behavior change initiatives, student aid (via return to aid), and internships. TGIF is supported by student fees and administered through a student-majority committee and a program coordinator.